Job Insurance Protection for Union Transportation Workers

Established in 1910, LECMPA provides job insurance to unionized transportation workers
protecting you from wage loss due to discipline. LECMPA is a nonprofit, member-owned
company regulated by the State of Michigan. We pay millions of dollars in claims each year,
protecting unionized transportation workers in railroad, trucking, delivery, aviation, shipping and
transit industries and protecting the financial well-being of their families and loved ones.

Has your job insurance been cancelled because of the CPA failure?

LECMPA remains the best choice for railroad job insurance.

We at LECMPA want to do our best to help eligible new and former members replace their job
insurance. We understand how critical it is that union railroad workers be protected from wage
loss due to discipline.

Why choose LECMPA?
LECMPA is the only non-profit, member owned job insurer.
We are non-profit, so we work only for the benefit of our members.
We are a true insurance company, supervised by the State of Michigan, to assure that we
operate for the protection of our members.
Our elected trustees are experienced in job insurance and in business.
We have an outstanding Member Loyalty Appreciation program.
Our accidental death feature covers you and your beneficiary, both on and off the job.
LECMPA will make your new policy effective the last day of your CPA policy.

If you gave up your LECMPA policy since April 2010, you may be eligible to reinstate your old
policy with us. We’ve been celebrating our 100th Anniversary in the business of protecting union
railroad workers with an amnesty program. To reinstate under the LECMPA Amnesty Program,
click here.

If you are eligible to be a new member, you can join LECMPA without any payment up front, and
get up to two months of membership free.
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